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Scurlage, Gower

Client/Company Name

Rob Fisher

Services Required

Structural Waterproofing, Installing Cavity drained membrane system and sumps & pumps.

Initial Problem

The client’s property was suffering from dampness to ground floor internal walls and had suffered from flooding on previous occasions. Our PCA qualified surveyor (CSSW) undertook a Damp Survey at the property and quickly identified the cause of the damp problem. Due to the property’s location at the lowest point of the village of Scurlage within the Gower Peninsular, the external ground levels to all elevations were above the internal floor levels. There was clear evidence of lateral/penetrating damp to the property, where moisture was entering the ground floor of the property. Furthermore, during prolonged spells of heavy rain, water was entering the property through the foundation slab, resulting in the property becoming flooded with several foot of flood water.

Solutions Used

Having successfully identified the cause of the property’s problems, several courses of action were recommended. Due to the issue of the high external ground levels, the suggestion was made to lower external ground levels to an acceptable height. This would relieve the problem of lateral damp and help reduce the level of flooding. Unfortunately, there were several barriers preventing White Rock Property Care from pursuing this course of action: the side elevation lead onto a public footpath/pavement and the general layout of the property made it difficult to implement this course of action.


A workable solution to the problem was found by White Rock Property Care’s team of PCA qualified Surveyors in the form of installing a cavity drained membrane system, complete with sumps, pumps and battery backup with high level alarms. Delta MS500 membrane was applied to all ground floor walls by means of special sealed fixing and Delta MS20 membrane was applied to the ground floor. Delta Perimeter Drainage channels were used to collect ground water seepage which was directed to 2NR Delta Dual-V3 sump & pumps with battery backup were installed to remove water to the main drainage system or soak-away. This system fully complies with the Industry standards BS:8102:2009. As a further measure of reducing the risk of future flooding, we also installed flood barriers at the front & back doors.


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