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Basement Conversion


Basement & cellar conversions are not just a great way to increase your home's space, but the overall value too. All too often however, basements remain an underused part of a house, failing to take advantage of the benefits they offer.

One reason for this can be the extra consideration basements require in terms of structural waterproofing, which requires a specialist team to ensure all tasks are done correctly. Or perhaps you've had already had a basement converted in a way that wasn't done correctly and need a team to set things right.

Whether you need a basement conerted from scratch, or repairs to be carried on an existing one, White Rock Property Care can advise you from start to finish on your project detailing what is the best method.

Basement Conversions - The benefits

For most people a basement is just an old, dark, musty storage space for your junk and a place to do laundry!! However, within every basement, there is unlimited potential. A basement can account for the entire floor below a property. That’s a lot of wasted space that could be used for so much more instead of being dedicated to bacteria and mould growth. Using this space effectively can result in numerous benefits such as new living space, home cinema or gym for the family. It will also increase the value of your property.

Installing a Waterproofing System

At White Rock Property Care, we have the ability to install effective waterproofing systems to rectify any issues in your property. Depending on the individual needs of the customer, we will offer a variety of solutions to damp proof your property.

The first step is to request a survey from our team of specialists who can see the wet area of the property, usually the basement, first-hand and start the process of turning it into a dry living space. This is very much a collaborate effort, with our PCA accredited Surveyors, Technicians and Project Manager working along side the Customer, with each providing valuable input into the process.

Undertaking Structural waterproofing whilst converting a basement or cellar is a specialist task and should only be undertaken by qualified experts. White Rock Property Care waterproofing surveyors hold the CSSW qualification – Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing, issued by the PCA. Our team work closely with the homeowner to provide a waterproofing solution that is right for you and your needs which compiles with the latest BS regulations (BS8102:2009). Couple that with long term guarantees you can be confident your basement and property are in the hands of basement waterproofing specialists.

Delta Membrane

White Rock Property Care are ‘Registered Installers’ of Delta Systems. This is the official accreditation provided by Delta to Companies who pass their stringent audits and checks. Due to their complicated nature, only competent, specialist contractors, who understand damp and the associated problems are to install their systems and therefore, ensure their best possible use.
Delta provide the world’s foremost range of products for basement drainage, structural waterproofing and underground wall and floor protection. Depending on the variables associated with your property such as conditions, amount of damp/water ingress, size of area required for waterproofing, White Rock Property Care can supply & competently install the required products including waterproofing membrane, drainage systems & sumps and pumps.

Basement Waterproofing Association

White Rock Property Care are fully certified members of the Basement Waterproofing Association. The Basement Waterproofing Association is the trade representative organisation for registered manufacturers, suppliers and contractors in the UK of tanking products, such as cavity drain membranes for protection of basement & cellar structures against water from the ground.
When choosing a basement waterproofing contractor you should consider your choice very carefully and you are advised to check them out before employing them. If you employ a good, reputable and experienced contractor the potential for problems will be greatly reduced.
Waterproofing is something not to be taken lightly and understanding the working of BS8102:2009 the code of practice in the UK for waterproofing basements is essential and the needs of drainage in flooded basements is a task that few contractors understand.
The basement waterproofing association have looked at these issues and make sure that members understand all these issues and are vetted to be able to fully understand the most demanding basement conditions.

British Structural Waterproofing Association

White Rock Property Care also hold a full accreditation with the British Structural Waterproofing Association. Established in 1992, the British Structural Waterproofing Association is a trade association dedicated to raising levels of professionalism in structural waterproofing. Its members, who have passed rigorous checks to be approved for membership, include international product manufacturers, independent consultants and trained, assessed specialist contractors. To avoid dealing with inexperienced and untrained structural water proofers, which could prove to be extremely costly in the long term, the BSWA help clients seek appropriate members within their locality.

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