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Internal Wall Insulation


What is internal wall insulation?

Improve thermal efficiency and overall comfort throughout your home by utilising our internal wall insulation service.

By applying foam-backed insulated plasterboards to the interior walls of your home, the temperature in your house is better maintained, meaning a warmer house in winter and a cooler house in summer.

Although it still remains beneficial in modern homes, it is an extremely popular procedure for older homes with poor thermal efficiency; in many cases older homes such as stone properties may lack an internal cavity. Internal wall insulation helps combat this by adding an insulated later to the inside.

What are the benefits?

There are several benefits to using internal wall insulation which help fuel it’s popularity, including:

How is the service carried out?

Our accredited team will carry out all initial isolations to the areas to be insulated, ensuring a safe working area for all involved without complications.

Once installed, we will reinstate all services such as electric and water, and skim the boards for a pristine plastered finish. We are also able to carry out a complete painting & decoration service, allowing you to either have a completely reinstated room, or even take the opportunity for some decorating while you’re at it for ultimate cost efficiency.

To find out more about how you can increase the comfort and efficiency of your home, please contact us today.