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Wall Tie & Structural Repairs


A cavity wall tie is a reinforcement that is used in a cavity wall construction that ties the inner leaf to the external leaf of bricks/blocks or masonry. They are used to stabilise the wall construction and to stop the separate skins of the wall from moving away from each other.
This practice has been common place in property construction since the 1930’s. Their aim was to provide a greater degree of protection from the elements and help improve the thermal insulation within the property.
The system comprises of two separate walls ‘tied’ at strategic intervals using a form of wall tie commonly made of metal coated in bitumen or zinc, known as cavity wall ties.


As with most things in life, the wall ties installed during this period were never designed to last indefinitely. As the wall ties began to corrode over time, they expand and cause cracks in the render or the mortar pointing of the wall, resulting in visible cracks (usually ‘stepped’ cracks, following the path of the pointing in the brickwork), or hairline cracking to external render.

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White Rock Property Care have the technical experience to provide solutions for all types of construction and renovation projects. Our surveyors use a combination of specialist equipment and investigatory procedures to carry out a thorough investigation to diagnose the issues and provide the solution. They adhere to all relevant guidelines to ensure the correct type of wall tie and procedure is specified and to define the correct method of isolation.

Remediation and installation works are carried out by our trained and highly skilled technicians and they work to a detailed specification of works. Remediation works will involve isolating the failed ties and installing specialist ties made from a non-corrosive high grade material. This is done by drilling through the outer wall and into the inner wall usually from the outside of the building. We will also carry out installation works where new walls need to be tied to existing structures. Throughout the works, random ‘pull out’ testing is undertaken to ensure a correct fixing is being achieved.

Wall tie replacement is a technical process and accordingly we use only our own trained and experienced in-house surveyors and technicians to survey and carry out this work.


We are a registered installer of the Wall Tie Installers Federation, and Structural Repairs Association. By choosing us, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that WTIF registered installers are experienced in the diagnosis and remedial treatment of wall ties and any ancillary work required under a nationally recognised scheme.

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